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We at Just Group , are focused and attracted by things and materials which make our passionate Customers HAPPY :D We try to minimize the efforts that our customers need to take in order to travel or to while away their time . Our vision is to create the biking world in and outside city a premium and easy-to-go for everyone.
Same cost Both have their respective pros and cons . Scooty is easy to use (any age group can drive). It’s unisex having storage capacity which bikes don’t provide. Scooter is good for city ride as you won’t need much torque . Also , height is less so average Indian height people can drive it easily. Coming to the Cons :v Small wheels , can’t go for long ride , less milage as compared to same CC for bike [ 110CC Scooty gives 45 Km mileage whereas 110CC bike can give unto 90Km of mileage ] For bike lovers , there’s a lot to come. You get more fuel capacity ,more speed , more comfort , metal body (tougher) .Your vehicle is good for bad roads , require less maintenance as compared to scooter riders . If you have a bike , it’s better to go for long ride . Bikes have More variety , tyre radius is more , less risk of getting slip , fun of playing with gears . There is no fun in driving at slow speed for a long time . For tall people keeping legs in bikes is easier than scooter(may get back pain or leg pain if sits on scooter for a long time ). Bad headlight in scooter makes it worse at highways . There have been incidents reported where mouse get inside and eat up the wires in scooties due to plastic body, hence more maintenance , mice have no space to enter in bike. It depends who you are as an individual and your requirements , that's why we have both scooters and bikes in the market.
Be Smart , Be safe , and enjoy the liveliness of the world we're living in. Maybe the Earth that we're living in is THE HEAVEN which we think we might go after death. But the truth is if you die , you're leaving heaven.
Did you know? The more amount of time you press the clutch , the fuel is used by the engine . Hence try to use as less clutch as possible in order to save fuel
To know the full descriptive mechanism , you need to be a mechanical engineer ;'D
Basic components of 4 store Bike engine includes: A piston , a connecting rod ,a crankshaft Piston moves up and down ; this lateral motion gets converted into rotatory motion in crankshaft The longer the stroke of the piston , the larger the displacement of the gas and air occurs in the cylinder To propel that piston , we need to ignite a tiny bit of gas and whole lot of air , this creates expansion inside the cylinder The fuel Delivery System consist of Intake Manifold , intake exhaust valves , a fuel injector and a spark plug A 4 stroke engine is called so because it takes 4 strokes for the piston to complete a cycle . 1st : intake stroke (piston moves down) , 2nd : compression stroke (piston moves up) {the spark plug fires) , 3rd: combustion stroke , 4th : exhaust stroke
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Bike Buying Tips for Beginners
Bike should be your ASSET and not just another materialistic thing which you can own. If you love your bike , it will never kill you.
Low capacity , or high power Outside India , like the European countries , the starter bikes are 300-400cc since the infrastructure and rules are very good compared to India 2 categories of buyers : yet to learn (between 150-250 cc) You will not realise how much torque you have and most accidents happen with guys who have no clue about the speed and momentum they’re going on and then within 2-3 years you can upgrade and don’t go on flow to buy expensive bike ,first you need to absorb for a few years of experience and then you can rock and blast the way you want on the road keeping yourself and the surroundings safe. The unconscious behaviour , (the six sense you can say you take it through experience , it doesn’t come overnight. 200 cc bike (KTM 200 is so pwerful that it has 25 BHP , you are getting power , you are getting technology .there is a liability on you that you have to reach home safe; already learnt on Dad’s or friends’ bikes(buy between 150-500CC bike) Since you have the experience and know about the Indian roads and the public around you and have presence of mind , i.e. a Litre class motorcycle ; You have a lot of power Ain hand and need to be responsible enough
Have a discussion about your budget and give it a thought to your riding skills . Nobody knows a person more than that person himself/herself.
9 Things to Check When Your Bike Doesn’t Start
It is so frustrating , when you’re trying to start your vechicle and you press the start button over and over again , but all in vain an it never fires up . PS : If these don’t work , please seek professional help and have it repaired properly
1st : Compression test : Remove the Spark plug and insert your compression tester (you might find in toolkit or or any of the repairing shop), put the accelerator to full and then press the start button, until the needle on the gauge starts climbing {If its 100-120 PSI (Pounds per square inch) of compression in order to run 2. Ignition Spark : Reinstall the Spark plug and ground it to the engine {find a place where the spark plug is in nice position not to fall[avoid holding on to the wire so that you do not get shock , make sure the engine is on and you shook see a nice blue spark , if you don’t see the spark , the re is an ignition problem and needs to addressed 3. Furl air mixture : Remove the air filter and air box if needed to gain access to the intake tractTake starting fluid and spray a small amount directly into the carburettors , try and start the engine [It should run for a few seconds => a fuel delivery problem] 4. Weak battery or dead battery: keep bike in 1st gear , press full clutch, let the bike go in a little speed [like 15kmph] and the suddenly leave the clutch and rotate the accelerator 2-3 times and the bike starts 5. Forgot to fuel your bike at right time : Shake the bike so that wherever the petrol is it may enter fuel up your engine [ use mobile flash to see if petrol is present in tank or not] { see if petrol lock is on or Reserve mode 6. See if exhaust if blocked ,I/e air cannot leave [kids may insert something inside it or some dirt inside the pipe] :See if air is coming out of the pipe properly or not [ if not , goto a mechanic] 7. Spark plug Amy be loose:this happens mainly due to washing the bike . After 4000rpm the bike may suddenly stop [ make sure it it tightly connected , press it properly [ keeping the ignition off]
You can survive without food , similarly , your bike cannot with fuel Regularly Oil your Chain [ Use MOTUL products ] Proper Toolkit Emerency mechanic contact number Never Panic
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